Saturday, February 21, 2015

over the past 5 years, our team has been able to capture some of the most breathtaking images along with telling some of the most captivating stories we could have ever hoped for. we've been so blessed to have been given this opportunity and we're so stoked to see where we are going from here.

this film challenges those who view to see things outside the box. to go places you've never been and do things you have always been afraid to do. as someone who grew up in rural indiana, my world was very small. it wasn't until i took a leap of faith and moved 5000 miles away to honolulu that my world began to open up. i was part of a completely different culture...and i embraced it all.

having lived in hawaii for over ten years changed my life. it opened up more opportunities to see even more of the world. i've been able to travel to around 20 countries through the amazing opportunities fisheye studio has opened for me, and it's just the beginning.

as we continue to evolve as a company, we welcome in new types of stories to tell. besides weddings, we've filmed everything from sports, to celebrations halfway across the world, and for commercial clients such as Apple and Queen's Medical Group.

the next story is the greatest...and we can't wait to tell yours!

what's your story? from Fisheye Studio on Vimeo.

scene by scene:
0:00 - 0:03 - timelapse of the canals in venice, italy
0:03 - 0:05 - aerial shot underneath the brooklyn bride in new york city
0:05 - 0:07 - aerial shot of the mokes in lanikai, oahu
0:08 - 0:15 - scenes from documentary "50" in tuscany, italy
0:16 - 0:17 - filming in aguas calientes, peru
0:17 - 0:20 - timelapse in machu picchu
0:20 - 0:23 - aerial shots in colorado springs, colorado
0:23 - 0:28 - filming my nieces during christmas holiday in indianapolis, indiana
0:28 - 0:31 - a flower girl skips with the ko'olau mountains behind her on the island of oahu
0:31 - 0:33 - a young girl runs through the rain shower on the north shore of oahu
0:33 - 0:39 - vaiana and drew have their first dance with a rain shower and rain bow on the north shore of oahu
0:40 - 0:42 - jennifer checks the weather outside before her wedding at the st regis in princeville in kauai
0:42 - 0:51 - amit and bhumi before their wedding on the south shore of kauai
0:51 - 0:57 - the wedding of dalton and michele at the haiku mill in maui
0:58 - 1:02 - becca and chris take a stroll at the waimea plantation in kauai
1:02 - 1:05 - the first kiss of clayton and jennifer at their wedding on the north shore of kauai
1:05 - 1:09 - ruppa and charles with their first kiss at their wedding at the haiku mill in maui
1:10 - 1:13 - robb young the woodmaster filmed for one love ministries called the Levites. filmed in honolulu, hawaii
1:13 - 1:17 - a piece for west coast classic customs in sunnyvale, california
1:17 - 1:18 - aerial shot of the rose bowl in pasadena, california
1:19 - 1:23 - the NSFL combine in honolulu, hawaii
1:24 - 1:27 - taiko dancers at a wedding in denver, colorad.
1:27 - 1:30 - dancer performs at a wedding in maui, hawaii
1:30 - 1:35 - fire dancer performs at a private party in oahu, hawaii
1:35 - 1:47 - ending shot is from "50" in tuscany, italy

filmed by myself and so many others that have made up fisheye studio over the years, of whom i'm forever grateful to have worked alongside.

voice narration by dave pettitt
licensed through

music licensed through The Music Bed

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