Saturday, September 18, 2010

tony+nikki+bryce | two prayers . turtle bay resort

What makes a wedding special is the people. When two seperate lives and families unite for this one occasion. And sometimes, there's a third life. As in Bryce, the charming son of Nikki. =] Tony, an active soldier, finally won Nikki's heart after years of pursuing. Here's it in Tony's words, "I am in the Army and went to Iraq twice. 1st deployment was 16 months in 2006-2007. And the second deployment was 12 months in 2008-2009. I actually proposed to Nikki on my 2 week R&R (Rest and Recovery) in April of 2009. I spent 2 days with her, proposed, then left the next day to hawaii. After a few days I came back to Oregon and thats when she said "of course".  And then I went back to Iraq."

We documented their day as if it was any other for Tony. Waking up and hitting the gym is a regular. But for Nikki, it was anything but. With sweeping views of the ocean, and being surrounded by all her loved ones, she donned a stunning red and white wedding dress! It was seriously cool! She also used another red gown for the reception, then changed back into her original wedding dress. =]

Maybe the best part of it all was that Nikki's father was able to minister her wedding. It was one of two prayers he had for his daughter that day. The other, obviously, was Tony. =]

We always love to shoot at the only resort on the North Shore of O'ahu. Mahalo to all the staff for the accommodations the previous evening to gameplan for the day.


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