Wednesday, September 12, 2012

amit + bhumi | i'll be waiting for you

location: kauai, hawaii
dates: the 22nd and 23rd of July 2012

this was a wedding we had been waiting for quite some time. our first fully traditional indian wedding. it helps when you have a wonderful couple and breathtaking location as your background.
the was a festivity for all! dancing and performances by nearly everyone, family and friends alike. amit played a drum solo for bhumi that was very special for the two of them.

the day of the actual wedding was a HOT one. keeping up with the processional was an exciting challenge. a dance could break out at any second, so we had to be ready for anything. gabe and i were able to capture everything and more as the pace wasn't too brisk.

mahalo for mira with indian weddings in hawaii ( for planning and coordinating.

tons of cameos by frank "the tank" amodo (
produced by fisheye studio

amit + bhumi | i'll be waiting for you from Fisheye Studio on Vimeo.

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