Thursday, October 27, 2011

jon + emi | nice.

every once in a while, you have a couple that changes you. they force you to really take a look at what you're subject really is. kind. sensitive. and the ability to push you as a filmmaker to come up with something that matches the story you're trying to tell.

with jon + emi, there was a certain lightness and easiest about them. emi is one of the sweetest brides we've ever filmed. she patiently taught jon how to correctly crack an egg open without the yoke coming out (it worked the second time).

we also discussed the term "nice." while hiding from the rain prior to their first look. she mentioned how jon had used the term often early on in their dating relationship. and without my prodding, she made sure that this ultimate moment would ensure a complement. and of course, it did.

we used a lot less steadicam on this film, and focused more on composition, with the occasional crane or slider. we wanted to approach this one more gently, to match the hue of our couple. we think we achieved it.


song: love you good by amy stroup and trent dabbs

produced by fisheye studio




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