Thursday, February 21, 2013

like kids in a candy store | michael + jana

after much prompting from mutual friends, jana + michael met over coffee. while that doesn't sound all too strange, the circumstances that led them both there are anything but normal. these two happen to both be widowed and both have 3 children. so you can imagine how delicate a first encounter over java could be. but what wasn't delicate was the connection that they would form with each other.

and after finally going out on REAL date (as jana puts it), they would be able to begin the journey of love all over again. being able to have another chance has really inspired them both to put everything they have in it, while having fun along the way. as they put it," like kids in a candy store!"

this was certainly one of the most unique and heartwarming weddings we've ever been a part of. the steam train also added a sweet touch for jana entering, as well as the charm of poway park that the wedding took place at. but what was the most powerful were the words shared of faith, commitment, and love. it's very inspiring to document moments that are that real.

filmed in poway, california

like kids in a candy store | michael + jana from Fisheye Studio on Vimeo.

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